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17 need to know facts about the 992

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Even though Porsche has made only the mildest of changes for the new generation of 911's, there are a bunch of important things to note. This list does seem to confirm we will be getting a manual gearbox, but I haven't seen anything from an official source indicating so. https://www.topspeed.com/cars/17-must-known-facts-about-the-992-gen-2020-porsche-911-ar183792.html
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I'm a bit surprised that the 992 Carrera S and 4S are 150lbs heavier of the outgoing models, even with the move to full aluminum bodies. Hard to believe that so much weight has been added solely by all the new electrical equipment.
Get used to seeing higher weight numbers, it will only get worse with hybrid versions coming to market.
While the weight may be climbing, so too will the power output levels. I'm confident that Porsche will ensure this ratio remains similar to models we are seeing today.
the real challenge will be having the best power to weight ratio for its dollar worth with rivals that are coming up
Which rivals are you talking about specifically? The best horsepower per dollar vehicles are actually on light trucks and minivans.
Talking about supercars here, one of them being the Huracan among many others. Lamborghini only started offering super high performing versions.
Down the road that can present a challenge to Porsche with attracting customers.
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