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Someone rendered a 992 911 Slantnose that I think does well with mixing the old with the new. Thoughts?

992 Porsche 911 Slantnose Rendered, Looks So Sleek

Porsche always likes to make sure it brings back some of the genes that make up the pedigree of the Neunelfer, which is how we end up with splendid retro-inspired specials like the 911 Speedster. However, there's one 911 incarnation we haven't seen in decades and that's the Slantnose.

The story of the Flachbau (flat-nose) kicked off with the 1976 935 racecar, with engineer getting around the rules to relocate the big, froggy eyes of the vehicle to the front apron, so the front fenders could cause less drag.

While it took Zuffenhausen five years to translate this into a street look, the Slantnose option was eventually offered on the 1981 911 Turbo.

Referred to as the 930S by those in the know, the road car had to obey... road car standard, so the low-mounted headlights of the racecar wouldn't do. As such, the carmaker fitted pop-up headlights, which were a thing in the 80s anyway.

Of course, the said headlights are the exact reason for which Porsche hasn't tried to recreate the Slantnose ever since. After all, such headlights can no longer be found in showrooms, since they generate drag and add mechanical complexity.

Nevertheless, the 992 Porsche 911 would look splendid in Slantnose trim, as indicated by the rendering in the Instagram post below - you can ignore the rest of the pixel changes done to the car, if you so wish.

And there might just be two ways of achieving this for a future limited edition. The first involves Smart Glass, which is already used to make car sunroofs go from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button.

As for the second, this involves the use of uber-modern lighting technology that could mean a thin opening up front could allow for the road ahead to be properly covered at night.

Then again, just like it happened back in the days of the original car, tuners beat Porsche to the game, since, for instance, Japanese developer Old and New has already come up with Slantnose kits for the 997.
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