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I've had a quite a few Porsches over the years, boxsters, a 718, a 997.1 and a Cayenne.

Last September I placed an order with Porsche Sheffield for 992 C4 Cab. I put my £5K down and at the time I was given a timescale of June. (my first factory order car)

I know the world has gone a bit crazy since then and that's there's a shortage of microchips and wiring harnesses', but when I contact the dealer for an update they cant really tell me much.

I wonder if anyone on here is in a similar situation and has heard anything back yet.

Also, what happens if Porsche raise their prices or finance rates. Having paid a deposit am I locked into the price and finance when I ordered the car. Garage has been pretty vague on that.
You will find many posts on this Forum from members sharing their frustrations not only regarding delays but lack of communication from Porsche and the dealerships. Most of them are mine! :sneaky:

Regarding the price, my initial order in January of last year was for a 2021 model. Six months later, it changed to a 2022 model....with a new price tag! Lucky I didn't have to change model year AGAIN with another increase in price!

My point is if the model year changes, you will have to accept the increase.
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