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I’ve owned my 992 for 5 months now and while it’s a beautiful car and goes like a bullet, it has a few complaints that really make me not like it. First you should know my previous car was a 2017 718 Boxster S that I absolutely loved. Zero complaints, honestly. In several ways I feel like my 992 is a step down. The PCM in my 992 is a POS. The doors don’t unlock or lock a lot of time without pulling the fob out of your pocket. And it’s just a matter of time before I run out of gas because I can’t see the gas gauge. How some of these issues left the factory like this is really mind blowing. And I can tell you without reservation that if they are not fixed in the next 3 years when my lease ends, Porsche will lose a customer. I’ve had it in the shop for both the PCM issue and the doors and have received the typical “operating as designed” response.

Let me elaborate on my issues.
PCM: my biggest complaint with the PCM is that I can’t program the diamond button on the steering wheel to go to my next “favorite” radio channel – like I could in my 718. I can go to the next sequential number, but not favorite. I have such a hard time figuring out how the software engineers decided this was a feature we didn’t need. And it’s just software for God’s sake – fix it! I’m a software developer so I know how easy it would be for them to add this feature. I feel like if this were a Tesla it would be fixed with an over-the-air update overnight. It’s so frustrating to be a channel changer and not be able to use the diamond button to switch the channel. I drive my Porsche like a Porsche is meant to be driven, and it’s extremely frustrating to be doing North of 100 and a song comes on that I don’t like. Porsche forces me take my eyes off the road to change the channel rather than give me the ability to do it with the diamond button like I could in my 718. Who’s the idiot at Porsche who thought that was a good idea? Additional items that frustrate me is that widgets don’t load frequently. In particular the weather widget doesn’t load. It doesn’t matter if I have line of sight with the sky or not. The whole interface seems poorly designed, or at least poorly executed. Once I was in the Car screen and used the Sports Chrono wheel (on the steering wheel) to change from normal mode to sport mode. PCM didn’t change; it still showed me in Normal mode. I had to hit the home screen then go back to the Car screen and then it updated.

Doors: Frequently the doors won’t lock or unlock when I touch them. My salesman showed me where my hand is supposed to be to unlock it and that’s where I always touch it. But about 20% of the time it just doesn’t work. Sometimes I can remove my hand and try again, and it works, but often I have to dig the remote out of my pocket. I also have issues locking the doors, a lot of issues. Sometimes you can touch the locking spot and it works right away, but most of the time it doesn’t. I took it into the shop for this issue recently and got a Macan loaner. It was so nice to have door handles that actually worked flawlessly every time. Porsche put out a bulletin for the door issue for the 992 and Taycan. Really, you have to “teach” people how to lock and unlock the door?

Come on Porsche, fix your crappy door handles and PCM before you lose more customers. Because if this is a preview of the crap to come in the future, I’ll definitely be shopping another brand. Already I’m telling people how much I don’t like my 992. That should concern you since I’m an influencer among my friends. There’s no way we should have to be dealing with these types of sub-par design/production issues with the prices we’re paying for a 992.
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