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Frustrated to read these issues. I took delivery of my 992 in February 2020.

My "P" button light doesn't work 90% of the time. My car rarely knows when it's home to pull up the garage so I had to hard code a button for that. I've got the same door issues with the locking and unlocking. The proximity sensor for the hood latch release has never worked right. My weather app also frustrates me but the worse is not being able to scroll radio favorites which blows my mind.

There are times the car sits for days and as soon as it's started the garage pops up but typically it doesn't at all and I have to wait for the PCM to completely boot so I can open the garage.

The process when I back out of the garage is stupid because of all the clicks to put it in park, turn off the camera so I can click a hard coded button to launch the garage to close it.

I'm really disappointed that well over a year later none of these issues have been solved.
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