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992 GT3 caught road testing

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Its not the clearest video but it seems that test mules of the new 2020 GT3 are already out and about. We've seen pictures of it already but this is the first live action footage. When are we thinking it will be introduced?
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love how it looks but can't help to think this is the biggest teaser we can ever get of the GT3 version but i'm already liking it especially that massive spoiler which all GT3's have.
most important of all from its exterior styling is the lower cladding which is hard to see.
what are the odds that its been drastically changed to something we can't even imagine?
Revisions will be minor, because Porsche has already established a working formula with this car. I think the biggest change will be pricing, because of the updates they have made to the cars internals.
Special versions offered with the 991 gave me hope here that the 992 will take it up a notch even further and i'll hold out to see that happen.
The 911 can't be matched and Porsche has always performed well with sales regardless of trim.
I think at one point there were something like 21 different versions of the 911 on the market at the same time. Not many automakers could get away with that many different trims, but there are few cars as iconic as this one. Its impressive just how much faster and technologically advanced they have become with each new generation.
I'm surprised at the fact the 911 is still sold today which is not something that many automakers these days have going for themselves. Instead its some models that are around for a bit, disappear and return not exact like its consumer base demanded.
Images have been showing up of the 992 GT3 on the infamous nurburgring

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