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I went ahead and ordered an Akrapovic exhaust for our inventory at World Motorsports. It seems to offer great value when compared to other Akrapovic systems so it was a no brainer.

What I know about the Akrapovic exhaust for the 992

Price - $4690.00
Material - Full Titanium
Model Available - It is for the 992 with factory sport exhaust
Installation Time - 5.5 hours (per Akrapovic)
Valves - Reuses the factory electric motors
Tips - Bumper mounted so centering will be perfect

Although I have not received the exhaust from Akrapovic yet, I have seen and installed many Akrapovic exhaust systems. The systems are a perfect fit (the best fitting exhaust in the aftermarket), the lightest exhausts available, have accurate power figures (most aftermarket suppliers do not come close to the advertised numbers), and have amazing resale value.

When you purchase an exhaust system for your Porsche always consider the value of your exhaust in the 2nd hand market. By a cheap exhaust and you will be lucky to sell it for 25% of its value and it will take a long time to sell. Buy a high end exhaust (Europipe and Akrapovic) and you can get a 75% return when you sell it and you ca sell it easily and fast. In the end, if you plan to sell your aftermarket parts, the high ed exhaust will be cheaper.

With all this being said there will be many exhaust systems available for these cars eventually. Many of the systems will be good and deserve a place in the aftermarket. With this system, we feel that Akrapovic have finally priced a system right for the market and it will be a great seller.

If you happen to be located in the Southern California market please take the time to stop by and check us out one day. We work on more modern Porsches (991 chassis cars) than anyone else in the country. We also do more 991 Porsche tuning that anyone in the world. I hope to meet many new 991 customers and I am looking forward to helping you guys achieve your goals or help to answer any questions that you may have.

Drive Fast-
-Craig Paisley
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