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992 Carrera reviews by real enthusiasts should be posted here.

Matt from TST is one of them, to anyone who knows. IF you know his vehicle ownership history then him calling the it "Great at Everything" will hold a LOT of weight, as it should.

"The Porsche 992 Carrera S is the rear-wheel drive version of the car Matt did 1,500 miles in just a week before. Aside from the optional ceramic brakes and the 100 lb weight savings and two less driven wheels, the cars are roughly identical, sport-optioned models. The Carrera S is, frankly, excellent at everything. It's impeccably well made, comfortable, very fast, very sharp, and its speed is very approachable without feeling too artificial. Though lacking some of the 'fizz' you get with the big-bore four-liter GT cars, it's hard to find anything to complain about when the 992 is doing its thing on track."

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