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Chris Harris Reviews the 992

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Top Gears Chris Harris has spent some time in the 992 and shared his initial impressions of the next generation 911. He does mention some criticisms like the pop out door handles and plastic cover hiding the entire engine compartment. He loves the new stance and was incredibly impressed with how it performed on the track. The new turbocharged powerplant goes completely unnoticed, with a crisp exhaust note and immediate power delivery.
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I used to be a fan of Chris Harris, especially with his McLaren P1 review but he's starting to sound like every other reviewer.
MotoMan posted his review and covers a number of areas from technical that feature those cutaway models we seen, its track ability and even facts that the typical owner can relate to.
Its unlike Harris' review where he goes in more on performance... and there's the fact that he's not Chris Harris :D

Both good videos, though the one from Motoman gives a better background into the history and evolution of the 911 as a whole. Surprised he didnt comment on the stubby PDK gear selector. Its getting so much flak.
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