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Clip-on bezel in Guards Red!

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Made it myself. :)

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Looks really cool! How did you make it and what is it made out of? Would love to do a yellow one for my C2S which arrives in a month.
It's 3D printed on a high-rez Form 3 resin printer. You can download the file for free at the link below, after registering. If you need help, send me a PM. :)

992 Clip-on Sports Chrono Bezel - carpokes
Starting to paint these for folks and do other colors. The link to download and print your own (free) is posted above, but I'll also print and paint one (you pay actual postage) for any/all of my fellow 992 owners. :)
Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Hood
Automotive design Grille Finger Gadget Laptop
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Grille
Rectangle Material property Wood Dishware Serveware
Font Circle Electric blue Metal Fashion accessory
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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