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Right now we're at an interesting time in Porsche's development because two very high end models are in the world, the first ever Porsche Taycan and of course the new 992 we've all been waiting for. Since the next decade will be filled with next generation in-cabin vehicle technology from anycar maker willing to invest, its important we bring this up and specifically highlight what Porsche can do in the short-term/long-term.

So far i'm hoping we get connectivity trickled down from the Mission E, some of them being...
  • built-in eye-tracking technology that tracks the driver
  • freestanding TFT instrument display
  • high tech round instrument displays

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Eye tracking technology will only be present if that car has some kind of autonomous driving mode. Has this been confirmed already for the Taycan, because I haven't been able to find a definitive answer.
we're already seeing new level of autonomous driving finding its way into new Porsche's. the new cayenne will play a big part in this although they'll never build something fully autonomous
Porsche has said several times that they have very little interest in self driving systems for their cars. We have seen with the latest Cayenne new systems like automated parking and adaptive cruise control however.
PR teams are like politicians and quite frankly, Porsche will try to integrate self-driving tech as much as they can. In the end I can see lower trim 911's getting the tech but have options to turn certain systems off. GT versions should never get it, that's a sin, and Porsche knows it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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