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First Peek at my 992!

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After impatiently waiting a year, I finally got an allocation in February. Production started last week and I woke up this morning to the elevator picture! The wait felt like an eternity.

It’s not yet here but it’s finally starting to feel real. It’s “just” another GT Silver Carrera but It’s special because it’s mine! :love: I’ll be glued to car carrier schedules and trackers for the next month.

Thanks @CH61 , @yrralis1, @BobbyG, @LessKrazy1 and @Als992 for trying to keep me sane and helping me build my dream car.

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Wow! The pics are not of the same car😜
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Are you sure those aren't my pics?! Congrats!
The second car pic has no sunroof. The last pic, that car is prepped for a sunroof.
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Same tires as mine too! Hmmmm.
Lucky there some of us are stuck with GYs🤮
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