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First Peek at my 992!

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After impatiently waiting a year, I finally got an allocation in February. Production started last week and I woke up this morning to the elevator picture! The wait felt like an eternity.

It’s not yet here but it’s finally starting to feel real. It’s “just” another GT Silver Carrera but It’s special because it’s mine! :love: I’ll be glued to car carrier schedules and trackers for the next month.

Thanks @CH61 , @yrralis1, @BobbyG, @LessKrazy1 and @Als992 for trying to keep me sane and helping me build my dream car.

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I definitely won the tire lottery. My VIN also confirms that it’s a 23 model year and therefore not subject to the price increase.

Porsche timelines have been exact up to this point. Delivery could be anywhere from late May to late July according to the TYD. A boat leaves today and I haven’t been able to find an updated sailing schedule for the next one. My Macan delivery had similar timing as Larry“s car
With delivery about a month after production. Fingers crossed the next boat leaves soon!
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I love it (even if it's not GB)! ;) You were patient and you got that 992 exactly like you wanted. Congrats!

Are the clear side markers on their way? LOL!
The list of accessories is growing. Clear markers are at the top!
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Wow! It’s not just another Kurt its awesome, special and YOURS! Enjoy the rest of its journey to its new home! Hope you think of a good name for her. Do I need to remind you J-Lo is taken?
lol. How about J-Low?

I'll have to think that one over in the garage with a woodford for inspiration.
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Nice! You’re welcome to my garage party anytime
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Beautiful car. My photos arrived on 5/16 and my delivery date pushed out to 7/22. Do you have a tentative date for delivery on your 911? Mine will come through Davisville R.I. And I can imagine how excited you are.
Hi @Mgreene

It left port a couple days ago after waiting 3 weeks for a car carrier. It’s SLOWLY making it’s way around the UK this morning. 😜 I’m in Western Canada and should be driving it in a month.

Some very fortunate cars leave the port immediately but there are also horror stories of 2+ month delays. This is the latest sailing schedule out of Emden.

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Thats quite the eye chart Kurt…waters look very busy! Remain calm!
LOL. It’s easy to understand after the 2nd day of staring at it. I can even project it on my TV if I get tired of my iPhone.
Thanks for posting the schedule. According to TYD my car is sitting at Emden. I was hoping it would get on the Sunshine Ace to Halifax this past weekend, but no updates. Hopefully makes the Siem Cicero to Halifax. Did TYD update right away when your car left port?
I got an email update the same morning that the ship set sail. The Cicero sounds like a very nice ship to bring your car across! 🤞
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