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I am approaching my 50th birthday so I decided to finally pull the trigger on a Porsche 911. I always wanted a Cab so that's what I'm going with. My basic question is whether it is worth paying more for a Carrera S over the base Carrera? Of course I would love the extra power, but don't know when or how often I would even need it.

Thanks for any insights. Btw, I think I'm going with the GT Silver with black top. Also I think I must get the Sports Chrono package right? :)
Study what comes standard on the S. I think it's worth the extra money to invest in an S, plus I would think resale is a plus too. Also the S can be ordered with a MT, the base cannot. You also get the red brakes. I don't regret having ordered my 2021 Careera S cab.
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1 - 1 of 99 Posts
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