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Ok, I've owned everything and a 765 and a GT3 now sit in my garage (some other stuff too but blah blah blah). On my McLaren forum a GT3 comparison had been talked about, good for GT3, good and bad chatter. The reason for my review is a just different perspective from a NON Porsche guy. Traded a 992 911S, my first Porsche since an '07 S with aero, for this GT3-6 speed-chalk-loaded (had less than 1000 miles on the S). So my main vehicles were Ferrari, Lamborghini (hate when they say Lambo) etc and switched to something different, McLaren, and love the brand...my 765 off the charts, my 5th McLaren. McLaren dealers are different, no espresso BS just cars and tech...actually a relief from the aforementioned. The GT3 stick is off the chart as I love the drive...yes, you have to drive this vehicle and push the shit out of it, and it takes it. Fit and finish is as good as it gets as of course I couldn't leave stock alone and added stripe, stone guards, mats, painted fire ext yellow, blacked out rear reflectors etc... Love: Wheels fit the fenders! What a concept! Love: The public reaction-2nd only to my white perfect '88 Wagoneer cursing thru Commercial Street in Ptown, is off the chart as I really never expected that. Love: The detail in fit and finish stitching in interior! Love: The performance for only $200K...bargain, always thinking of money. Love: The short shifter. Love: The feel of a super loaded vehicle, but seemingly feels raw. Love: The "fuck you" look in the back end. The drive is as I never left the roots of my 71 911, my first of 15 Porsches, the connection to the vehicle. I drive and my wife's not happy...is mission accomplished! LOL, as I am feeling to always being on a track when I drive this. The power is superb up to 9K as you can brake the wheels loose is almost every gear, no wonder she's not happy with me. 1600 miles and not a problem. Comparable to my McLaren, no. but at less then half the price, a deal as an hard working lucky man, I get to choose between the two on a Saturday afternoon. 992 GT3 pretty cool and I am impressed and a man hard to be impressed. I hope I am welcomed back in the family...if you see me coming get the fuck out of my way!
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