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I’m a holder also. My father always said it’s a roller coaster ride. The only ones that jump off get hurt.
There is downside to this . Take for example a company where a position is held for 5 years , pays hardly if any dividend, and has gone nowhere (flat ) . Its clearly not working . Another example might be a great company which simply has become dated . Take for example Pitney Bowes or AMC . Piney made its name famous on making mailboxes and AMC was from a generation of movies theatre success . Well outside of government mailings the old fashioned mailbox is needed but no longer the rave . With things like Covid and streaming the old fashioned movie theaters still exist but are not as much as the past . If holding one like that its not a bad idea to sell it to offset a capital gains in a winner . Look at rise of Research in Motion which later became Blackberry . Its archaic now and once was so hot . Things dont always last forever so just as company desirability.can grow or shrink one can re evaluate periodically how to make changes .

The guys who lose are the ones who either freak out and sell in a downfall or the ones who cash out when there's plenty off steam left . No one can pick a top or a bottom for those pundits would all be retired . As an individual its your money, your choice, your decision but the goal out to always be aimed at more positive than negative . The market is not a place where everyone feels comfortable . Heck if rates keep climbing even Bonds and CD's will eventually look good .
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