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Installing wheel spacers, it improves the handling, and on safety perhaps shortage is related to the quality of the product and check it regularly.
I stalled 7mm Spacers in the front of my panamera and 15mm Spacers on the rear. In addition to the right spacers, we look at using the proper length wheel bolts when installing spacers. The bolt length is 30mm and it is fit for this spacers. The hub-centric length is 71.6mm.
First, some car owners are not satisfy with cars’ appearance, after the installation of wheel spacers, the wheels will be slightly convex, in the appearance of the car will become more powerful. In particular, vehicles with wide-body modifications can solve this problem perfectly.
Second, after the installation of wheel spacers, coaxial wheel spacing increase, that at high speed, sharp turn when the vehicle appears the drifting, slipping feeling phenomenon will be improved. It may increase 1-2% grip, but it doesn’t matter.
Third, for some modified large brake calipers, in the calipers to make room for more prominent.
Fourth, if you settle wheels, the problem of wrong offset can be solved by the wheel spacers.
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