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New 2023 Porsche 911 992 Safari or Dakar

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Fabulous, have been waiting for this, better for Arctic conditions than my C4cab! Traction is no problem, its the shitty roads and ground clearance!
I would be in the fetal position if I drove my car like that!
Haha! Life is too short to leave a Porsche in the garage!
I agree, my 911 is my daily driver I’ve already put 9000 miles on it since March. No way I’m taking it to the desert though!
Could be practical in the Canadian Arctic where @Madmac lives! ❄❄❄ In Yellowknife if I remember correctly, exactly 62.45 Degrees North! He puts all of us to shame for storing our cars in winter.

Read on another post that it was a "balmy" -7C today in Yellowknife. The minus is not a typo. 😅 LOL! Soon it will go down to -40C I guess...🥶 At those temps, Celsius equals Fahrenheit -40C = -40F

Keep warm Mac and drive safe!
And I thought I had it bad in Pa during the winter months!
Bundle up and maybe I will drive my car all winter pending blizzards!
Yes, that’s why Arctic and Snow belt 911 nuts need the Dakar!!
I'm still thinking if I had one I would only get beer and groceries in it...:cool:
I totally dont get the cars . They cost a fortune and un less a rally driver has sponsors to use it for a public relations event I see it as expensive destructive behavior with a vehicle . In teens of off roading for me ... NEVER . I am not a wilderness guy . No way am I taking a 300K car into jungle or mountain off road .
No way taking that car into the wilderness but for other reasons ……I’d be afraid of getting a tic on my [email protected]@!
Yep. I am a Ritz Carlton kind of guy .
Same on this end, but I can stay humble with an inclusive to stay close to my people and fans.
1 - 8 of 25 Posts