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New 911 CS4. Steering column mounted slightly crooked.

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Question to the group.

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Quick question. I noticed my steering column was mounted slightly off horizontal and not aligning with the dash. It makes the car slightly drift off center when steering wheel is neutral. Alas drifts left.

Is this something service people can fix??

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Not sure if I am seeing it. Sorry more pics maybe. And the car is pulling you saying!? Hm
I would take it to the dealer and have them fix it under warranty.
I’m reading this in my car in the dark so I figured I might as well take a picture. Here’s my steering wheel for comparison.
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Thanks for the replies. Taking it to dealer to have it checked. I guess it is mostly cosmetic. The car doesn’t drift. Just the neutral steering wheel position is not quite straight line. I maybe making a big deal out of nothing. Don’t won’t the fix to be major surgery!!!
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