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New member here! Long time Porsche owner. First water cooled. 2023 992 Carerra. Finally took the plunge. I Love the car, should have done it sooner! Great forum.
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Beautiful color combination. I bet you it turns heads everywhere it goes. 🤩

Where can I find the build number? Is it on the sticker? I did not build mine. I went to my closest dealer and they wanted an obscene amount of additional dealer markup on anything ordered. Zero inventory. I walked out and visited another dealer. This car had just arrived. From what the rep told me it was some type of surprise allocation, and Porsche sent it to them with only a few days notice. I was at the right place at the right time. I got it at MSRP.

That coffee table book idea sounds cool!
Not sure what you mean by “build number”? The commission number, which I believe is like the specific order number, is shown on the Monroney label. The Porsche Code, which is generated by the configurator, does not appear anywhere that I am aware of
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