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New member from Florida

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New member here! Long time Porsche owner. First water cooled. 2023 992 Carerra. Finally took the plunge. I Love the car, should have done it sooner! Great forum.
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Lol, Porsche Party over here!

For the last 20 years I thought water cooled Porsches were “the devil”, that they had no soul. Boy was I wrong! I could not have been more wrong. What an absolute pleasure to drive. Love the PDK rev matching downshifts, power, a/c, so many things.

There is still something visceral about shifting gears with my 86 Targa’s 915 gear box that can’t be reproduced. Same goes for the performance on my 1989 930. My 930 has an upgraded turbo and flow through exhaust. It whistles like an old Cummins big cam at idle. That sound always puts a smile on anyone’s face that hears it. There are still many things intuitively similar even though these models are over 30 years apart.

So glad I took the plunge and happy to be a member of the 992 club.
These 992’s are really fun and amazing machines and love my manual…good group of folks here too if/when questions arise! View attachment 2489
View attachment 2488

Beautiful color combination. I bet you it turns heads everywhere it goes. 🤩

Where can I find the build number? Is it on the sticker? I did not build mine. I went to my closest dealer and they wanted an obscene amount of additional dealer markup on anything ordered. Zero inventory. I walked out and visited another dealer. This car had just arrived. From what the rep told me it was some type of surprise allocation, and Porsche sent it to them with only a few days notice. I was at the right place at the right time. I got it at MSRP.

That coffee table book idea sounds cool!
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Welcome to the Forum @Aircooled and to the once unimaginable water-cooled 911 world! Love your garage (and the Classics in it :love:), noticed the famous Porsche poster...and the orange side markers :eek:! Don't worry, I still have mine despite numerous attemps on this Forum to have me replace them with clear ones. It's the running gag.

Share your build if you wish (love those wheels).

Congrats and drive safe! 🥂

Took the plunge and installed the clear lights. They look great!! Wish it was that easy to change those lights in the G body cars!
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Now you’re really putting pressure on me. But I must admit clear markers look great on the 992, especially with GT Silver.

I color match my markers with « nature »! 😉 LOL!
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Wow, that’s a great photograph. Beautiful color. I took the plunge. Not sure if they raised the price only to lower it but I couldn’t pass up this deal.

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