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Newbie from the UK

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Hello everyone, I picked-up my 922 C4S Cabriolet earlier this month. It's one of the 2019 992s and while new to me, has around 12,500 miles on the clock with a couple of owners who clearly didn't go very far, or very often.

I've never owned a Porsche before and this is certainly my first six-figure car purchase, although I own shares in a couple of light aircraft and have been riding fast bikes for nearly 30 years. So far, it's a love-hate relationship with the car, I'm disappointed to say. I love the car, the speed, the poise, but I had a battery issue that means the roof will no longer open, the automatic spoiler doesn't activate and it throws-up other errors so it's going to an indy nearby on Monday.

I hate the treatment I'm getting from the OPC because I didn't spend money directly with them, and the fact that something so simple as having ignition on for all of 15 minutes trying to figure out the crazy "remote information" permission settings in the PCM, led to the battery dying and loads of errors being thrown, along with it not starting.

It seems that people who own a Porsche are expected to have all the time in the world, on the basis that nobody who knows anything about them can see you in anything less than about three weeks. Well, you live and learn and my express desire is to learn to love this car. I've been and still am on a number of forums (fora?) and look forward to learning a lot from here and sharing what I experience in return.

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JJB, welcome to the Forum! That is a beautiful car! Is it chalk? Just keep a charger on the battery for a while if its sitting and the codes while annoying will get fixed. I was at my dealer yesterday for one and I need a new upper brake light replaced…its on order. These 992 911’s are great so enjoy it! View attachment 2689
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Thanks Bobby, there's no denying it's a beautiful car. I do have a charger on it now, as I have had my bike and other toys that don't get used often enough. 🤪 I blame this thing called "work"!
The color in the UK is called "Crayon", which is odd since a crayon can be pretty much any colour, but yes, you would know it as "Chalk" and that makes more sense. I hoping that the wizards on Monday can reset some ECUs that got bent out of shape due to the low battery situation and will keep everyone posted on updates.
Not sure you’re aware that some 992’s have a lithium battery? They require a lithium specific battery tender to properly maintain them and keep your battery warranty.
Yes, I even thought of replacing my AGM one with a Li-ion one but don’t think that’s the issue. The car has done less than 800 miles in the past 12 months so has clearly been laid-up and most likely not on a battery tender. I’ll ask the tech to check it on Monday and a new one would not be the end of the world. Seems like there’s a lot of faffing around to be done if a battery is disconnected, however, so that’s likely all part of the Porsche ownership “journey”!
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Well it went into the garage this morning and the PIWIS “handover” was not able to resolve it. I now have dates of mid-May to take it back and try a more thorough going-over. Meanwhile it throws errors that the spoiler activation is not working and obviously the engine cover and roof mechanism don’t work, meaning the whole thing is virtually unusable. I am deeply unimpressed.
It was throwing no codes at all and everything worked perfectly. The flat battery (not disconnected) occurred on Saturday 15 and the codes have all been thrown since then. The indy has Porsche PIWIS that is linked to the Porsche database, so not cheap but fully functional, and have said it has fault codes for the cabriolet roof control unit, spoiler and various other coding requirements.
By way of an update, I took the car back to the dealer who supplied it (independent) and they had their technician take the battery out and charge it for 72h, presumably with a charger bigger than my CTEK MXS 5.0. As soon as the battery was put back in, it fired-up as normal, there were no codes showing and the roof and service flap opened as intended. He had to take it to the local OCP to have the driver cards supplied and coded, so I asked him to have them plug it in and run a diagnostic. He moaned that they were going to charge him for that but soon came round to my way of thinking. So last Friday, I picked it up from the local OCP and they confirmed that no errors were showing and the car was in perfect health.

Now, when I say "local", I mean local to the supplying dealer - it's a four hour drive from where I live! So I decided to drive south and was able to meet some friends half way. I stopped the car to take a schedule business call (outside of the car, it was switched off) got back in to drive off and the battery is dead, once again. The very same signs, the car would not start, it just made a ticking noise and every error under the sun was thrown-up on the display. I was pretty annoyed and called the dealer, who was equally annoyed but said it sounded most like a battery so he ordered me a new one from another OCP near to where I was. One of my friends came along and we jump-started the car, after first going through the hilarious frunk opening process, and it once again fired-up but with no codes, the roof opened etc.

Now I have a brand new battery fitted and have also installed a CTEK Battery Sense device. Interestingly, when I got back from my long drive, the battery was only showing 80% and so I put it on a CTEK tender and got it up to 100%, where it has stayed. I've taken the tender off to see if I can learn more about the profile of the battery for the next couple of weeks. At the same time, I've bought a second-hand CTEK MXS 25 from eBay and intend to use that in future to make sure the battery is always in good shape.

My suspicion is that in the previous year to my owning the car, where it had only done 800 miles or so, the battery had been deep discharged on more than one occasion to the point of ruining it in some way. I'm not a battery technician so can't postulate on what might happen to an AGM battery, but I'm sure you all have your favourite layperson's term you can use for something that no longer works as it should! So it would take a charge, look as though it was fully charged, work for a bit and then simply fail. Maybe someone on here has similar experience with Porsche or other 12V device. Either way, it appears to be working and now the service flap works, I've been able to replace the engine cover with the silly titanium painted version and also the aluminium effect radiator and oil caps. Because why not?
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