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Newbie from the UK

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Hello everyone, I picked-up my 922 C4S Cabriolet earlier this month. It's one of the 2019 992s and while new to me, has around 12,500 miles on the clock with a couple of owners who clearly didn't go very far, or very often.

I've never owned a Porsche before and this is certainly my first six-figure car purchase, although I own shares in a couple of light aircraft and have been riding fast bikes for nearly 30 years. So far, it's a love-hate relationship with the car, I'm disappointed to say. I love the car, the speed, the poise, but I had a battery issue that means the roof will no longer open, the automatic spoiler doesn't activate and it throws-up other errors so it's going to an indy nearby on Monday.

I hate the treatment I'm getting from the OPC because I didn't spend money directly with them, and the fact that something so simple as having ignition on for all of 15 minutes trying to figure out the crazy "remote information" permission settings in the PCM, led to the battery dying and loads of errors being thrown, along with it not starting.

It seems that people who own a Porsche are expected to have all the time in the world, on the basis that nobody who knows anything about them can see you in anything less than about three weeks. Well, you live and learn and my express desire is to learn to love this car. I've been and still am on a number of forums (fora?) and look forward to learning a lot from here and sharing what I experience in return.

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Welcome - I luv the color combo !!!

The battery issue is frustrating and when personalizing my PCM settings the SA insisted the car’s engine should be running to avoid a dead battery 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

When everything is sorted u will luv the car.

BTW my wife and I will be touring the UK and Ireland this fall for 6 weeks💙💙💙
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