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As we've learned, a lot of features in higher trim 991's have found their way into the new 992 Carrera and Carrera S. Slowly more figures are coming out, further quantifying what these changes come down to and as you can tell by the title, Nürburgring are one of them. Our 992's laps it in just 7:25, a whole 5 seconds faster than the 997 GT2 RS. Its crazy to think how much Porsche keeps raising the bar, which begs the question... what can we expect from future 992 models?

Speaking on Thursday during a drive event for the redesigned 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, a Porsche spokesman revealed the car will lap the Nürburgring in a time of 7:25, which makes it a full 5.0 seconds faster than the previous-generation Carrera S.
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