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Hello everyone,i ve been a 992 c2s owner for almost 2 years now,and it was a great car,i recently got my car back from the dealer because it was recalled for some minor issues,now,today,a week later when i tried starung the car it was just shut down,no electric power seems like,when turning the start button it makes weird noises in the back near the engine,the driver window is halfway down,both doors open,passenger window goes a little down when opening the door,then when shutting the door it goes a little up(so passenger door and window work just fine) headlights and taillights randomly light up,i can hear some sensor type of sound when sitting in the car, so that tells me that it isn’t the battery,right?
It worked flawlessly for almost 2 years,it almost seems like everything went wrong after the porsche dealers service for the recalls.
The car wont move,infotainment doesnt turn on,hood and engine cover dont open,digital cluster and everything is just gone black,makes weird noises,This all seems like a nightmare!
Anyone has had this happen to their 992?
Thanks in advance
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