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Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM): Likes and Dislikes Thread

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While we wait for first drives (apparently later this year) and more information on what exactly the 992 will feature, the 992 is said to improve on every way the outgoing model performs and with that comes PASM. While we wait it would be great to get insight from past and current 911 owners on how Porsche could improve. Even if you haven't had experience with Porsche, feel free to leave whatever valuable input you can....

PASM is an electronic active damping system. It responds to changing road conditions and/or driving style by continuously varying the individual damping forces within the parameters defined for the chosen mode. Pitch and roll are reduced, whilst contact of each wheel with the road is optimized.
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I think this system was first introduced back in 2005, so I'm sure whatever we will see on the 992, will be heavily improved upon. I think the most unique aspect to Porsche active suspension system is the fact that it utilizes sensors to measure steering input, body roll and accelerometers.
Reported improvements elsewhere to areas like the chassis, driving modes, body weight and more should influence it. All of them will have to work in sync, after all this is a 911.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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