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If you've got young kids or relatives this is pretty cool. Porsche and Pixar are going to build a real version of Sally from the movie Cars

There have been all kinds of movie-related cars, from obscure things like the "Batman v. Superman" Jeep Renegade, to far more wise and successful examples such as the various "Bullitt" Ford Mustangs. Soon to join them is a special model from Porsche based on Sally the 911 from the film "Cars." And it'll be a mighty exclusive machine.

The car is a joint project among Style Porsche, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and a group from Pixar led by Creative Director Jay Ward and Production Designer Bob Pauley. Both Ward and Pauley worked on the original "Cars" film, and Pauley has been at Pixar since 1993 and worked on the original "Toy Story."

We are quite a few years and a couple of sequels away from that first "Cars" movie, so you may be wondering, why do a Sally-inspired 911 now? Well, apparently Sally is canonically a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera. So this year is the 20th birthday (manufacturing day?) of Sally, making it a pretty decent time for something special.

And special the car will be. Only one car will be made, based on a current 911. While Ward and Pauley emphasized that the project is in fairly early stages, they shared drawings talking about ideas for the 911, some of which are shown above. It will of course be painted in the same light metallic blue as Sally. Much of the black trim on the front and rear will be painted in that blue, and the headlights will have a lighter finish. Custom wheels will be made that look like Sally's "Turbo Twist" wheels, but will be sized to fit a modern 911. Custom badges are under consideration along with vintage Carrera badging and of course Sally's pinstripe tattoo on the back. The interior will be light with blue accents, some logos and custom door sill plates. And Ward and Pauley made it clear that this 911 will have a manual transmission and no sunroof.

There are other perks to the car, too. Porsche Design will produce a matching watch. Ideas shared include a wheel motif and different logos. The drawings also suggest special luggage and items such as art books.

With the project still in the works, the Sally-inspired 911 doesn't have an official name yet. But Porsche is committed to the car, and the plan is to auction it for charity when it's finished. RM Sotheby's will the auction house to sell it, but a charity hasn't been settled on. So stay tuned for more on the car, likely later this year.

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