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Porsche Dash Cam Prewiring - Hack

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For those who specified dash cam prewiring we now have more info about what u get for your money.

Prewiring provides a proprietary connector in the courtesy light overhead console which has a ground, constant 12v and switched 12v.

If u r using the Porsche dash cam this comes with a harness that plugs into the connector and the power supply side of things is plug and play.

It's my understanding that when u order from your dealer and provide your VIN the coupe package comes with front and rear camera and appropriate harnesses. If you have a cabriolet you only get the front camera and harness.

I am going to use this connector to power an aftermarket dash cam and my radar detector - so I will adapt the Porsche harness to provide me with what I need.

The Porsche harness is part # 9Y0-044-955-A and costs about $32

This will eliminate using the mirror tap and will provide dedicated fusing for your attached devices.

I just compared the camera wiring diagram to the harness connections

I have a cabriolet and there are only 3 wires entering the prewired connector

The prewired female connector connections in the overhead console are

Red/White is 12v hot all the time
Brown is Ground
Black is switched 12v

The camera harness connections are

Red 12v all the time
Black is Ground
Green is switched 12v

These connections don't matter if you are simply connecting a Porsche camera to the prewired plug.

If you plan on making your own harness you need to confirm these "pinouts".

Utilizing this connector eliminates the need for a mirror tap and will provide a dedicated fuse for your camera and / or radar detector.

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Great. Thank you for all the help. What gauge wire did you use? And two grounds from the one ground pin is ok?
I have a Uniden R7 and dash cam connected - very low current u don’t need large gauge wire - RJ 11 wiring is sufficient

both devices to the single ground and switched 12 volts (ignition) is fine
this connector about $8 on eBay fits the Prewire connector in the overhead lighting console - inexpensive and has the pigtails already attached

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