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Which Radar Do YOU Recommend?

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I haven't had a radar detector in 20 years . They clock people from the sky here over painted lines . Occasionally a lone radar still exists but even more common is the officer just flows with traffic and plucks out the guy who blows by him not noticing . In fact thats what did in the radar for me . I remember being in my 20's and getting what was the first and best . I felt invincible so I blasted it and sure enough I got pulled over . I told the cop I got this awesome radar for the first time and was just testing it . He looked at me and said " I didnt even have radar on . I saw you flying " I felt so stupid . I was about 25 . He looked at me and said " do you see this little area of road from there to there " ? I nodded. He said "I am going to let you go but if I ever see you doing this on my turf right here I wil be writing for a long time." I thanked him . To this day I never drove over the limit on his turf even if he's retired by now . I promised I would and kept my word .
1 - 1 of 53 Posts