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Same engines from 991

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Since Porsche just introduced new turbocharged engines to the 991 only three years ago, I'm sure that the 9A2 will be used here as well. This means that they will all retain the traditional flat six layout, albeit with some improvements. Here's an excerpt from Car and Driver.

First, the 992 gets a bigger central intercooler at the rear, replacing the pair located in the rear fenders of the 991.2. This 12-percent-larger intercooler gets direct airflow from the base of the wing, has improved internal airflow, and achieves a greater reduction in intake-air temperature. The intercooler air still exhausts in the lower rear fenders, now in nicely split vents.

To improve exhaust flow, the stamped-steel manifolds in the 991.2 have been replaced by cast-iron headers. These are said to weigh no more, but flow better, than their double-walled predecessors. The base Carrera will retain the same turbochargers as the 991.2, with a 49-millimeter compressor and a 45-mm turbine wheel. But the Carrera S will get the 55-/48-mm unit used today in the Carrera GTS. The 992 engines also get piezo fuel injectors, which are more expensive than the mechanical direct injectors but provide more precise control of the injection quantity.
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There's no sense in changing a formula that's been nearly perfected. Really curious to see how all these minor tweaks will impact performance numbers/times.
Porsche played it smart from the start. Using the 718 to get a feel for how their customer base actually thinks about turbo's with a real vehicle.
Safe to say what we see going forward will be based on findings from 718 responses.
There is no doubt in my mind that the 992 generation will be showcase the best power to weight ratio we've seen from Porsche. I agree that they don't need to deviate much from what they've achieved with the latest gen 911's, but I welcome the design tweaks.
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