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so what's the difference?

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I'm about to put some wheel spacers on, so I go to eBay and find that there is something called wheel adapters.

I guess they look the same, and I just can't figure out the difference between these two.

And here's the result that I googled.

They have a different name that makes me confused, and it's said that wheel adapters are using to adapt the offset of CB and PCD between the OEM and ODM wheels.

Can anybody tell me more?
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Wheel spacers alter the offset of the wheel; the distance between the mounting surface and the center of the rim's width (What is Wheel Offset? - Les Schwab). They may be necessary for aftermarket wheels that lack the OEM wheel's offset they are replacing. There may be times when a spacer can be used in conjunction with suspension mods to improve handling, but with factory suspension that's rarely if ever the case. Putting spacers on will give a wider track (which may look "better" to some), usually at the expense of proper handling and excess stress on the suspension.
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