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Some notes on the GTS.

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Journalists keep calling the GTS the "sweet spot" to the point where it has even become annoying . Now that I have the car I am learning where it falls in the line up. For starters two members here have manual Cabs . In the process of their ordering and delivery I learned so much about the car . Porsche really did a beautiful job streamlining the Cab . I also have a friend who has BOTH. a Gt3 Touring and a Turbo S . In fact he swapped his Turbo S coupe for a Turbo S Cab and modded the car . My chats with him have taught me so much.

When I think of the GTS I do think of both the Gt3 and Turbo S surrounding it . Both of them are the supercars . My friend has explained to me that the double wishbone suspension of the Gt3 really is tough on road comfort . The PDK is more jerky and the manual has a feature that holds the revs . He hated that feature so he went with PDK . On a Gt3 the manual almost becomes a PDK by holding the rev . Its as if Porsche said " you can't shift fast enough so we will help you " . The sound is just AMAZING though. I talk on the phone with him almost daily and there are times that iu can hear the flat 6 NA . It's beautiful.

He also told me what ia already knew . The Turbo S spent some time at Flacht with the GT staff trying to make it more driver focused than the outgoing 991.2 . That was the major complaint of the 991.2. The Turbo S was BORING . The result is something exciting . IT will always lack the agile nature of the RWD but he loves it and decided to get the Cab because he already has the Gt3 . Its more leisure focused . He said it so fast that its hard to make it slow .. even with no roof .

There are also a lot of S guys on Rennlist who bought there cars in 20 and 21. They optioned it near GTS spec . it cant be a GTS but it can be a great daily 911 . I could not imagine driving a 250K Turbo S as a daily but both the S and base car are great choices .

That leaves the GTS . When I spec my GTS I kept seeing journalists noting that the car was trying to find a middle ground between Gt car and daily driver. A person can order a 4S Cab or Targa and still have some GTS DNA . The Targa has the least as it does not get the GTS suspension due to its roof weight .
So which has the most Gt DNA was my starting point question to myself without ever having a test drive and ordering on sight unseen . I wanted mt car too be as close to Gt spec that the GTS allows . I only made one compromise . I didn't get sport buckets only because in 5 years I will be almost 70 and as a daily it might be too tough . I did put the lightweight package . I ditched the sunroof totally and almost went to steel . Then I saw how beautiful the Carbon roof is . 4K extra !! Sheesh !! Ceramics . 10K extra !! Double sheesh !! PDK made a faster car . I do have and like a a manual too but wanted faster and equally like PDK. I am not an either/or guy on manual vs PDK . I like both and pick the one I feel best suits my goal with the car .

The car is a BEAST !!! Its better handling, faster stopping, more balanced, more aggressively mapped , and mated to PDK with that in mind . One can actually drive normal mode in a city and not be so bored that it musty go to sport . Put it in sport and it just comes alive. The lightweight package has the glass which retains the exhaust note but filters out street ambient noice . \
I do look forward to putting Michelin on the car but as a stock tire the Goodyear are acceptable .

So.. "sweet spot" ? Its too cliche . I just feel its properly positioned with added choices for the 992 .
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“holding the revs” i think would drive me crazy! I think it would remind me of old fashion “burning or riding the clutch”.

Nice write up Larry.
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