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The 992 Turbo is expected to top 600 horsepower according to Car and Driver. It will use a twin-turbo flat-six engine like the current car and should have more power than the existing Turbo and Turbo S.

The same aluminum-intensive underpinnings that sit beneath the 992 Carreras will be in play. The regular 911 has been turbocharged since the 2016 model year, but only this mack-daddy Turbo gets to use the capital T. Power will continue to come from a twin-turbocharged flat-six, which we believe will be an evolution of the current car's engine, and with the certainty of a power increase over the 540 and 580 horsepower, respectively, that today's 991.2 Turbo and Turbo S muster. All-wheel drive will be standard, as will Porsche's new eight-speed PDK transmission and a battery of dynamic aids, including rear-wheel steering.
We'll see the car later this year. The outgoing Turbo starts at $163,050; the Turbo S, at $191,950. Expect increases from those numbers that will likely push the base price of the S to or through the $200,000 mark.
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