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Titanium Application: mainly used for the production of aircraft engine parts, rockets, missiles and structural parts of high-speed aircraft;


Advantages of titanium:
High Strength: High strength titanium exceeds the strength of many structural steels. Therefore, the specific strength (strength/density) of titanium is much greater than other metal structural materials, and parts with high unit strength, good rigidity and light weight can be produced.
High Thermal Strength: the specific strength decreases significantly at 150℃. The working temperature of titanium can reach 500℃.
Excellent Low-temperature Performance: at low and ultra-low temperature, it can still maintain its mechanical properties.
Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Working in humid atmosphere and sea water, its corrosion resistance is much better than stainless steel.



Material disadvantages:
Expensive Price: The main reason hindering the widespread use of titanium in the automotive industry is the high cost of materials and processing.
Difficulty in Processing: During hot processing, it is easy to absorb impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon, resulting in poor wear resistance and complex technology.👻
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