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In a recent interview, a Porsche exec said that "The 4-litre engine in the GTS can’t be rotated through 180 degrees to fit in the 911. We will not see them again (naturally aspirated engines in the Carrera models). I’m sorry about that. ‘The R&D costs are too high to develop such an engine for the Carrera. And producing individual engines for different markets such as China, the US and Europe isn’t viable. The Carrera will always be turbocharged for the future.’"

A manual gearbox is still on the table...
“A manual gearbox offers feedback that our customers enjoy when they drive their cars. It’s important for the experience,’ explained Walliser. ‘We had to go to the board I think seven times to explain why we need to offer a manual gearbox.

‘We will offer one [a manual gearbox] as long as possible, but one day it will not be possible to do so. But I hope that day is a long way away.’"
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