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Yeah, I meant the full leather package including dash, doors...etc My current build code is 911 Carrera T | Porsche Car Configurator, changed slightly since my original order, mainly deleting the sunroof as I sat in a base with a sunroof and without and liked the feeling without.

Mine should arrive end of Q2. What about yours?
That's gorgeous too. That looks a lot like my original build with black seating red belts and tach too. Still love that look as well. No bad choices. To me it's either that or the LG stitching. Too much of a $$ premium to jump to full leather with LG as far as i'm concerned, but who knows, i may have a change of heart at the last moment before lock date. Lucky you're able to sit in these cars to compare. My dealer rarely has anything new on the lot. When is your freeze date? Mine is 3/3/23 with an ETA of 5/31/23 (you may be earlier due to location). Sounds like they may be side by side twins on the line!
61 - 67 of 67 Posts