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I have a 911 4S with fewer than 3K miles. The starter failed three times in the first 10 weeks. Blame was placed on a faulty starter relay the first time, and that same new relay was blamed for the second event. Needless to say, I was not surprised when the starter failed for a third time. Porsche finally replace the entire DME controller and the car has been fine since, fingers crossed.

My real concern is that over the three incidents, I had to wait eight separate times for tow trucks because Roadside Service continually sent flatbed tow trucks out despite my constantly informing them that every tow truck operator was unanimous in the opinion that the 911 4S cannot be put on a flatbed unless the engine can start because without the engine on, there is no way to take the gear out of Park and put it into neutral. The only way to tow this vehicle is with a tow lift and dolly.

The service reps at a local Porsche dealer, the GM of the service department, and the chief mechanic all told me the tow truck operators were wrong, that the car could be put into neutral. They all took me out to the vehicle to show me, and they all failed.

One of the times the car failed to start occurred when the engine died while I was sitting at a red signal light. I waited more than 2.5 hours before the second tow truck arrived and in all that time we were unable to move the vehicle to the side of the road because it was in Park and could not be put in neutral unless I could start the engine. Catch 22.

Can you imagine if the engine had died on a freeway, or a much busier intersection than the one I was in? It seems to me this is a seriously dangerous design flaw, but I would like to hear from the forum. Am I missing something here? Although Porsche has fixed the immediate starter problem, and even offered to compensate me for our troubles with our new vehicle, they do not seem particularly concerned about the towing/Park/neutral issue and have basically not responded to my questions.

Does anyone have thoughts?
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