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Unoffical price

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After some searching around on various articles, most are expecting the 992 to start somewhere between $90 and 100k. We will get a full breakdown of trim levels, options and pricing next month, but I think this is a fair starting point.
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The physical changes are fairly minimal, so lets hope that's reflected in the price point. I have already seen some test mules spied in a GT3 spec however, and you know that's not going to be cheap.
There have been a bunch of changes under the hood as well, but they are just fine tweaking the well established formula. It looks like the GT3 is getting a bit more power for the new MY, so that could mean a higher MSRP.
Craziest of all is for the first time we'll see a Porsche that exceeds the $300,000 mark that's not the 918. The 992 GT2 RS is that exact vehicle.
I've seen some pretty aggressive price points for the upcoming hybrid 911 as well, which could end up being priced fairly similar to the GT3. Wonder if it makes more sense to get one of those used or try your hand at something with electrification.
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