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Remember the James Bond movie "Never Say Never" !!!

My wife's previous 3 Lexus were silver, this time around she said never another silver - she purchased a gorgeous "Glacier Blue".

A few years ago she had a string of Ford Explorers (we have a very good friend who owns a Ford dealership) she purchased a sharp metallic green Eddie Bauer. After 2 years she traded it for a pearl white "Limited" Explorer.

My friend gave us a great deal on both the trade and the purchase of the new vehicle. Even though the metallic green was hot when originally sold my friend finally had to sell the car at auction - he couldn't sell it on the lot - there was no interest !!!

The moral of the story is customers tastes are fickle and ever changing.

The February edition of Porsche Panorama has an article highlighting a Cayman in Lind Green with red interior - not for everyone but it looks gorgeous to me.

At this point in time I have no interest in silver, black, red or white Porsches - doesn't mean they are bad - just not for me.

Like they say there is an A%% for every chair.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts